Nasal Lump due to Gout

Title: Tophaceous gout presenting as a dorsal nasal lump.
Hughes JP, et al.
Publication: J Laryngol Otol. 2005 Jun;119(6):492-4.

Gout can often mimic infection or tumors, affecting the head and neck region, and has been described in medical literature as causing emergency tracheotomy (surgical incision of the trachea through the neck to make an artificial opening for breathing).

In this article, the authors presented the first case of gouty deposit affecting the soft tissues of the nose. The patient came with a bony, hard hump in the nose and requested a plastic surgery.

The authors then described the first instance of treatment using the following technique: they used an endoscope (a flexible tube that allows doctors to visualize the interior of an organ), with a microdebrider system attached. This instrument allowed the authors to excise the tophi or gouty deposits with much less complications that the conventional scraping and excision techniques.

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