Severity of Gout in Women

Title: Severity of female gout course
Barskova VG, et al.
Publication: Ter Arkh. 2005;77(5):58-62.

The authors wanted to compare the severity of gout in males and females. To do this, they enrolled 17 females and 17 males, matched by age and disease duration.

The authors found that gout occurs more frequently in women than in men – probably because of greater instance of high blood pressure, kidney failures, and use of diuretics or medications that increase the production of urine.

In women, gout is usually more severe, occurs earlier, happen in multiple joints, have lingering arthritis symptoms, and rapid formation of gout deposits or tophi. Women are also more susceptible to endocrine diseases, such as artificial menopause, dysmenorrheal or painful menstruation, and euthyroid goiter or thyroid enlargement.

The authors conclude that in absence of sex- and age-related differences, they noticed that women have more severe cases of gout.

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