Treatment of Various Forms of Acne in Poland

Title: Methods for treating various forms of acne in the years 1991-2000, Department of Dermatology, Silesian Medical School.
Bergler-Czop B., Brzezinska-Wcislo L.
Publication: Wiad Lek. 2005;58(3-4):156-60. [Article in Polish]

The authors analyzed treatment procedures used to cure acne by the Silesian Medical School in Katowice, Poland in the 1991 – 2000 period. During this period, 206 patients were treated (108 with acne punctata, 82 with acne conglobata, 4 with acne fulminans, 4 with papulous-pustular acne, and 8 with inverse acne). The mean (or statistical average) age of these patients is 25.51 years.

In this study, the authors observed that the age of patients suffering from acne conglobata and inverse acne are statistically distinct from those suffering from acne conglobata and acne punctata. There is also statistical difference in age of patients that are treated with Roaccutane (such as those suffering from acne conglobata and acne punctata) and those receiving topical treatments.

Between 1991 and 2000, more and more patients are being treated with oral retinoids, whereas the percentage of those treated with topical medicines remain constant. The rate of those receiving antibiotics are more variable.

Editor's note: Acne conglobata is a rare and serious form of nodulocystic acne, with interconnecting and inflamed abscesses or tracts under the skin. This form of acne can affect the face, chest, and back and more commonly occurs in males. Patients with this form of acne often have large macrocomedones or breakouts, with cysts filled with smelly pus. Scarring is very common with this form of severe acne.

Acne fulminans is a rare and very severe form of acne conglobata, and almost always affect only males.

Acne punctata is more commonly called blackheads, or acne with black and open comedones.

Inverse acne (acne inverse, acne mechanica or hidradenitis) is chronic acne with deep and painful cystic nodules, as well as scarring affecting the groin, anus, and armpit areas.

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