RU 58841-myristate Prodrug for Acne

Title: RU 58841-myristate prodrug development for topical treatment of acne and androgenetic alopecia
Munster U, eta l.
Publication: Pharmazie. 2005 Jan;60(1):8-12.

Acne and androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) are linked to the effects of androgen or male sex hormones, and therefore should be alleviated by the use of anti-androgen chemicals.

In this paper, the authors present a new anti-androgen chemical for topical therapy called RU 58841-myristate (RUM), developed from a cultured mouse cell line. In various human skin cell lines, RUM is rapidly metabolized into RU 58841, a potent anti-androgen.

In order to improve targeting only selected tissues, the authors loaded RUM into solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN), basically encapsulating it inside a skin-permeating spheres. The authors then tested the ability of the RUM loaded SLN to permeate pig’s skin (as a testing substitute for human skin) and to its ability to adhere onto hair follicles (both human and pig in origin) by using an electron microscope.

The authors concluded that RUM loaded SLN should be considered as topical anti-androgen therapy for acne and male pattern baldness.

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