Cost of Psoriasis

Title: Cost-of-illness in patients with moderate and severe chronic psoriasis vulgaris in Germany.
Authors: Berger K, et al.
Publication: J Dtsch Dermatol Ges. 2005 Jul;3(7):511-8.

The authors wanted to assess the annual cost and cost per flare up of psoriasis in Germany, for both outpatient and office-based care.

To do this, the author analyzed data from 17 treatment centers. Out of 192 cases that could be analyzed, the authors found that third-party payer reimbursed 864 € per patients annually, 60% for prescribed medication and 22% for hospitalization.

The patients themselves spent 596 € yearly mostly for alternative therapies and over-the-counter medications and skin care products, as well as for other expenses (ultraviolet light, clothes, or cleansers).

Indirect cost per patient was 1,440 €annually and the total annual cost per patient was 2,866 €. If the patient was treated with systemic drugs (drugs that affect the whole body), the annual cost is 4,985 €. If treated topically or with phototherapy, then the cost is 1,173 €.

The authors concluded that the relatively high average yearly cost of treating psoriasis indicated the need for more efficient control, and could be the basis for economic assessment for future psoriasis treatments.

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