Digital Image Analysis in Psoriasis

Title: Digital image analysis for the evaluation of the inflammatory infiltrate in psoriasis.
Authors: Goedkoop AY, et al.
Publication: Arch Dermatol Res. 2005 Aug;297(2):51-9. Epub 2005 Oct 8.

The authors wanted to see whether the use of digital image analysis (DIA) for histological evaluation of cellular infiltration and protein expression in psoriasis was as reliable as manual quantification (MG) and semi-quantitative analysis (SQA).

To do this, the authors evaluated the number of CD3(+) T cells and the expression of E-selectin in histologically-stained paired skin biopsies from 11 patients with chronic plaque psoriasis before and after treatment.

The authors found significant correlation between the manual quantification method and digital image analysis method for the number of T cells. However, the manual quantification method took significantly longer than the digital method (20 hours vs. 6 hours).

The authors also found significant correlation between the semi-quantitative analysis method and the digital image analysis method in determining the expression of E-selectin. The digital method proved to be faster (4 hours vs. 10 hours for the semi-quantitative analysis method) and more sensitive as it can detect early changes.

The authors concluded for quantification of infiltration of inflammatory cells in psoriasis skin lesions, the DIA method generated similar results as the more established MQ and SQA methods in a reliable, reproducible, and faster ways.

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