Differentially Expressed Genes in Psoriasis

Title: Identification of differentially expressed genes in psoriasis using expression profiling approaches.
: Itoh K, et al.
Publication: Exp Dermatol. 2005 Sep;14(9):667-74.

The authors wanted to identify genes that are involved in psoriasis. To do this, they selected 2007 genes that were specifically expressed in skin tissues. They then compared the expression levels of these genes in psoriatic lesion skin samples compared to other skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and mycosis fungoides, as well as normal skin samples.

Out of these 2007 genes, 241 genes were differentially expressed only in psoriatic skin but not in other samples. Genetic analysis showed that 13 psoriatic skin lesions showed similar clusters of gene expressions.

Using different types of psoriatic lesions, the authors identified 7 genes that have high-expression levels in psoriasis:

  • Alpha-1-microglobulin / bikunin precursor
  • Calnexin
  • Claudin 1
  • Leucine zipper down-regulated in cancer 1
  • Tyrosine-related protein 1
  • Yes-associated protein 1
  • Unch13-like protein (coleonyx elegans)

The authors concluded that these 7 genes which were reported to apoptosis or cell death, as well as antiproliferation, might have causal roles in the development psoriasis.

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