Etanercept as anti-TNF Psoriasis Treatment

Title: Etanercept An effective TNF alpha-antagonist in the treatment of psoriatic arthritis and chronic plaque psoriasis
: Wozel G.
Publication: Hautarzt. 2005 Sep;56(9):819-830.

Etanercept is drug made from a fusion protein made from portions of the human TNF-alpha receptor and IgG(1), can inhibit TNF alpha. TNF alpha or tumor necrosis factor alpha is a cytokine or protein that mediates immune system response.

The usual dose for etanercept is 25 mg, injected subcutaneously, administered twice weekly. Higher dosages of 50 mg twice weekly may be used in severe cases.

Etanercept can be combined with methotrexate, a drug that interferes with cellular reproduction, as well as other immunosuppressive drugs. It can also be combined with standard topical drugs for psoriasis.

Off-label, etanercept can be used for several other inflammatory skin diseases. Before treating patients with this drug, infections such as tuberculosis must be excluded. When patients are carefully monitored, etanercept is generally well-tolerated.

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