Kukui Nut Oil as Psoriasis Treatment

Title: Effectiveness of kukui nut oil as a topical treatment for psoriasis.
: Brown AC, et al.
Publication: Int J Dermatol. 2005 Aug;44(8):684-7.

The authors conducted a pilot double-blind, placebo-controlled tiral to determine the effectiveness of kukui nut oil from Hawaii as treatment for psoriasis. They enrolled 30 adult subjects (18 to 87 years of age) with mild, stable plaque psoriasis on less then 15% of total body surface area for a 12 week study.

The patients were divided into 2 groups of 15 people, with the treated group using kukui nut oil and the control group using mineral oil placebo. The patients were seen every 2 weeks and were evaluated.

The authors reported that although both groups improved, there was no significant difference between the kukui nut treatment and placebo among 24 out of 30 subjects who completed the study. There was no side effects reported.

The authors concluded that kukui nut oil did not significantly reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, however, they cautioned that the small number of people in the study warranted a larger study.

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