Napthalene Preparation for Psoriasis

Title: A new naphthalene preparation in the management of psoriasis.
Authors: Lipozencic J
Publication: Acta Dermatovenerol Croat. 2005;13(3):189.

Naphthalene or tar camphor is a white crystalline compound derived from naphtha, which itself is distilled from coal tar or petroleum. Brown naphthalene has been used for 15 years in the treatment of psoriasis in Ivanic Grad, Croatia.

The author reported a new naphthalene oil preparation rich in sterans, the chemical constituent believed to be its active ingredient, called Naphthalene AA-Final.

To determine the efficacy of this new compound, the author enrolled a pilot study with 11 patients with psoriasis vulgaris. These patients applied the Naphthalene AA-Final solution once daily for 3 weeks. The author found that the average PASI (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index) score improved from 22.4 before treatment to 7.85 after treatment.

The author also reported that Naphthalene AA-Final was well tolerated and had no side effects in blood and biochemical parameters.

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