Population-Based Study of Psoriasis in Norway

Title: Psoriasis in Norway as observed in a population-based Norwegian twin panel.
: Olsen AO, et al.
Publication: Br J Dermatol. 2005 Aug;153(2):346-51.

The authors wanted to evaluate the characteristics of psoriasis in a population, specifically those related to gender and age. To do this, they performed a population-based health survey of psoriasis in Norway in 1998 of Norwegian twins aged 19 to 31 years. The study was based on self-reported history of psoriasis among 8045 questionnaire responders.

The authors found that 334 people (4.2%) reported a positive history of psoriasis. Although there was no gender difference in the overall prevalence of this disease, there was higher prevalence in teenage girls. The frequency of psoriasis increases with age in a linear fashion, and peaks at a certain age. This peak age is lower in females than in males.

The mean age of onset was also lower in females (14.8 years) compared to males (17.3 years). This suggested that the risk of developing psoriasis was higher in young females than males – however, by age 31 the cumulative risk was actually the same for men and women.

The authors concluded that their study found high levels of frequency of psoriasis in Caucasian population in north Europe, similar to that found in previous studies. They also found gender-specific characteristics of psoriasis, namely the onset of the disease appeared at a younger age in females.

Editor’s Note: the prevalence of psoriasis in the world’s population is 1 to 3%, so it is relatively higher in Norway.

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