Pemphigus Foliaceus in Patient with Psoriasis

Title: A case of sporadic pemphigus foliaceus in teenage girl with psoriasis vulgaris
: Hasse-Cieslinska M, et al.
Publication: Pol Merkuriusz Lek. 2005 May;18(107):568-70.

The authors reported a case study of a 15-year old girl with generalized redness of the skin, plaques with scales, vesicular and erosive skin lesions. She was diagnosed as having pemphigus foliaceus, and the symptoms occurred during the treatment for psoriasis vulgaris.

The diagnosis was confirmed by histopathology and microscopy. Blood tests revealed that a positive reaction against desmoglein 1 using a test using antibodies to detect a specific protein.

The patient was successfully treated by systemic corticosteroid methylprednoisolone delivered intravenously and then by immunosuppressant cyclophosphamide orally.

Editor’s Note: Pemphigus foliaceous is a skin condition marked with blisters caused by aberrant immune reaction where the body’s own antibody attack the skin cells. It is marked by the presence of the antibody against desmoglein 1, a protein “glue” that holds the skin together.

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