Kegel Exercise and Pregnancy

Pregnant women can greatly benefit from practicing Kegel or pelvic floor (also called the PC muscles) exercises. Kegel exercises can help strengthen the muscles of the bowels, bladder, uterus, and vagina. After birth these exercises can also help women to regain bladder control and promote healing of the area.

How to Do the Kegel Exercise

The Kegel exercise is performed by contracting the pelvic floor muscles for about 5-10 seconds and then releasing them. You should be increasing the length of time that you hold it as your muscles get stronger. You should repeat this process about 20 times per exercise session. You should conduct kegel exercises about 3 times a day to maximize your results. Make sure you remember to breathe during the exercise. You should not be moving other muscles in the area when you are conducting your exercises. This includes risiting the urge to move your butt, legs, or tummy muscles.

If you are unsure what your pelvic floor muscles are you can find them when you next use the restroom. When you start to pee stop the flow – those are you pelvic floor muscles at work.

The Benefits of Kegel Exercise

The advantages of doing Kegel exercises while pregnant include:

  • Preventing bladder leaks and other urinary problems
    Kegel exercises can help combat incontinence caused by the baby’s weight pressing on the bladder.

  • Preventing perineal tearing
    It can help prevent tearing during birth and prevent pain.

  • Improving hemorrhoids
    They help increase circulation to the rectal area and decrease the chances of getting hemorrhoids from pregnancy.

  • Speeding up labor and delivery
    Kegel exercises can help you push more efficiently.

  • Improving sexual pleasure
    Keeping the muscles toned can help with increased sexual pleasure.

The beauty of Kegel Exercises is that the can be performed anywhere and no one will know that you are doing them.

Can You Continue Doing Kegel Exercises After Pregnancy?

Many women wonder if they can continue doing the Kegel exercises after pregnancy. Indeed, you can and you should! However, you may not want to do as many of them in the beginning as some women complain of soreness.

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