Making Room for Baby:
Improving Sex Life After Having a Baby

Having a baby is supposed to bring two people closer together, but it can also wreak havoc with your sex life. Making room for baby doesn’t have to mean chucking your sex life out the window. Here are a few tips for keeping your sex life healthy and the romance alive after baby.

  • Make sex a priority
    The dishes can wait another 30 minutes or if you are really lucky an hour to be done. Having a more fulfilling relationship with your partner is more important than a spotless house. A little procrastination can be good for your sex life.

  • Make use of naptime
    Steal some time for yourselves during those blissful moments when your little angel is sleeping.

  • Get out of the sexual rut
    Don’t let sex be a chore. Get out of the bedroom and have sex in fun and inventive places. Try having sex in your car, in a tent in the backyard, the kitchen floor, on the sofa. Bring yourself back to when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

  • Do something especially nice for each other
    Arrange to bring home dinner so no one has to cook. Offer a massage. Change a diaper without asking. Little things matter in a relationship.

  • Be playful
    Leave love notes where your partner can find them. Leave naughty voice mail messages on their cell phone. Start getting in the mood for some loving even before you are in the same room together.

  • Have some alone time together
    It’s important for parents to steal away at least a few guilt free hours from their child. This is time for the parents to get back in touch with each other.

  • Be honest, but kind
    If you are starting to worry about a decrease in your romantic activities than you should tell your partner. Use the word “I” and “we” and avoid the word “you.” This means telling your partner, “I am worried that we are no longer being intimate. What do you think we can do to change this? ” Don’t fall into the emotional pitfalls of blame and guilt. Likely you both still find each other very desirable, but are having trouble finding the time and energy to be intimate.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of touch
    A certain type of playful caress or a more intimate type of fondling can easily bring out the sexual being in a tired partner.

  • Do stress releasing activities together
    Take a warm bubble bath together. Take turn massaging each others shoulders.

  • Don’t forget that you are an attractive and desirable human being
    Even though you may be covered in baby food and neither of you have slept in a month you can still be desirable to each other. Be confident in your attractiveness. Confidence is a very appealing quality.

Continuing to have a good sex life is an incredibly important part of maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. With a little prioritization and a smidge of time management you can keep the flame alive.

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