Ovulation Signs: When Am I Ovulating?

A woman’s body gives off several signals that she is about to ovulate. Recognizing these signals can greatly enhance your chances of getting pregnant:

  • Elevated body temperature
    A woman’s body’s temperature typically rises slightly during ovulation. Women who want to track their basal temperature can do so with a basal thermometer. It is a thermometer that can take a more sensitive reading. It is recommended that the temperature be taken first thing in the morning. It should be noted, however, that other factors such as illness or fatigue can cause changes to your body temperature.

  • Changes in vaginal discharge
    Right after a period most women produce little vaginal discharge. A few days later a sticky or tacky discharge is detected. Just before ovulation, however, cervical mucus changes in consistency and color. It becomes clear and slippery and has the consistency of egg whites. At this stage it should also be pretty stretchy. Women also have more discharge during ovulation. This secretion is to aid the sperm in its swim. Once ovulation is completed the mucus tends to become thicker and less tends to be secreted. Other factors, however, can influence vaginal secretions such as sexual excitement or infections.

  • Hormone surge
    There is a surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) right before ovulation. An ovulation predictor kit can be purchased at a local drug store. These kits measure a surge in LH that occurs just prior to ovulation.

  • Tender Breasts and nipples
    The breasts and the nipples can be very tender to the touch.

  • Cramps
    Some women complain of having cramping around the time of ovulation. This lower abdominal discomfort is known as Mittelschmerz. It is derived from a German word for mid-cycle pain. This pain can be an aching sensation or takes form as a sharp pain.

  • Change is cervix position
    The cervix will change in position and firmness during ovulation.

  • Increase in sex drive
    Some women feel an increase in sex drive around the time that they are ovulating.

  • Bloating
    Many women have bloating in the lower abdomen during ovulation.

  • Heightened senses
    Some women say that they feel they have a heightened sense of smell and taste when they are ovulating.

Many of the symptoms associated with ovulation similar to those women experience during early pregnancy.

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