Boil or Furuncle

A boil or a furuncle is a bacterial abscess or collection of pus and dead tissues that starts in the hair follicles.

Boil or furuncle.
Boil or furuncle.

Symptoms of Boil

The symptoms of boils include:

  • Red, shiny, and swollen lump filled with pus
  • Tenderness, the sensation of warmth and/or pain
  • When the lump is ready to rupture, a pointy white or yellow central area is noticed

A boil starts as a small, tender protrusion from a single hair follicle. It grows and becomes red and inflamed, until it becomes a shiny, bright and red lump. At this time, tenderness and/or pain is felt. Within a few days, a yellow or white point is noticed on the center of the lump, and the boil would rupture and discharge pus.

Boils can occur in any part of the body, however, they are mostly found on the scalp, back, underarms, and buttocks.

Who Gets Boils?

Boils are very common. However, the following people are more susceptible to boils:

  • People who are prone to infections because of compromised immune system caused by other diseases, such as diabetes and AIDS

  • People who are taking medicine to suppress their immune system, such as for organ transplantation purposes.

  • People with immune system disorders

Treatments of Boil

Boil can be successfully treated by:

  • Prescription-strength corticosteroid creams and shampoos
  • Antifungal medicine, such as ketoconazole

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