Skin Tag

Skin tags or cutaneous tags are harmless tiny growths of the skin.

Symptoms of Skin Tag

The symptoms of a skin tag are:

  • Soft, floppy skin growth
  • Usually small in size, although it can be as large as a pea
  • Flesh-colored or dark brown

Skin tags are not painful by themselves - however, they can be irritated by clothings, jewelry, and shaving.

Treatments for Skin Tag

You should not remove skin tags by cutting it off yourself, because it may lead to complications such as bleeding and infection. Instead, a doctor may remove them by:

  • Excision with a scalpel and scissor
  • Electrodessication (destruction by heat from electric current)
  • Freezing by using liquid nitrogen

Skin tags that are removed usually do not grow back - however, new ones may form later in life.

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