Carbuncles are a cluster of boils. Here, individual boils form connections to each other deep in the skin and also raised on the skin's surface.

Symptoms of Carbuncle

The symptoms of carbuncle include:

  • Many interconnected boils
  • Red, shiny, and tender lumps
  • Very painful lumps
  • Pus-filled lumps
  • Fever
  • Fatique

The pain subsides only when the boils rupture and the pus is discharged, usually from multiple openings.

Carbuncles are more often found in men than women, and usually occur in older people. It is also commonly found in diabetics.

Treatment of Carbuncle

Self-treatment for carbuncles include:

  • Warm, moist compress on the affected are to promote natural drainage of pus
  • Gentle washing with antimicrobial soap several times a day
  • Avoid scratching or picking the lumps

Your doctor may:

  • Prescribe oral antibiotics
  • Surgically rupture or lance the boil to drain the pus

Carbuncles usually heal by themselves within 2 weeks - however, good hygiene practice should be followed to avoid re-infection.

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