Dermatofibroma is a small, benign growth of the skin.

Symptoms of Dermatofibroma

The symptoms of dermatofibroma are:

  • Small, pea-sized growth
  • Flesh-tone, purple, or brown in color
  • Painless, or slightly painful if pinched
  • Dimpling if pinched

These growths are usually formed on the lower legs, arms and the body.

Dermatofibroma spots

Who Gets Dermatofibroma?

This condition is common in adults. It rarely occurs in children.

Causes of Dermatofibroma

The exact cause of dermatofibroma is not known.

Dermatofibroma Treatment

This skin growth is usually harmless and painless - therefore, removals of the growths are considered cosmetic procedures.

Dermatofibroma can be removed by:

  • Surgical excision
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen

Note that these removal techniques result in scars that may be more unappealing and noticeable than the original dermatofibroma conditions.

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